Built in Joystick

Hello Infinite flight developer so my idea to add in the game is Built in Joystick for mobile players so it can be playable I do not mean your game is unplayable is because everyone likes joystick built in I hope you add it

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What do you mean by a “built in joystick?” Like something on screen, or a physical object?

he wants a joystick on the phone to control up down and left right


@Sky230 welcome to the community! You must reach a member level of TL2 in order to post a Features request. Keep being active and contributing to the forum and you’ll get there in no time.

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i don’t blame him.
it will be hard to land but what we really need is game center for IF, you can pair a ps4/xbox controller with it. i play x plane and it has it to

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same with rfs and simpleplanes

Something like this?

If so, you can go ahead and vote for it

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you can pair ps4 controllers to it

I’ve paired PS4 controllers and it has ruined all my flights. After some time, it won’t let me move my airplane either way.

Worth checking out Fly-By-Wire (FBW) in this case. While its not built directly into Infinite Flight, does require another device such as an iPhone that you can use to control Infinite Flight remotely.