These shots were all taken on the 26th, on training server (cause I’m only grade 2)

An AA B772 next to LAX’s weird dome thing

A Qantas 747 + Garuda Indonesia A330 at YSSY

A bunch of heavies at EGLL. Look at that tower!!

Btw I use the first and last ones for wallpaper. Isn’t it crazy to think this is on mobile? Anyway, hope you enjoy!!


fantastic photos! It blows my mind that this is on a mobile device!

Thanks! It’s so odd, cause it’s always been my one complaint about IF, and now it’s here. It’s actually surreal!

You know what
Today is the only day in a year
That 95% of people on training are serious
Nice photos!


Can’t help but notice the wing flexing the triple 7’s in the third picture.

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Thanks so much!

Yeah it’s rlly cool!

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Except I don’t think it’s supposed to do that.

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That’s true, just took in the west jet 787 at EGLL, everybody was amazing.

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Hmm. That’s odd. Maybe cause it was in replay mode!

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Yeah, everyone was surprisingly courteous…

Yes, 95%. There was a troll at KSFO just now. One. Just one. Normally there are at least five…

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Epic! I haven’t actually been to KSFO cause otherwise my 2018 iPad mini would explode (even any 3D place takes the FPS to like 5) 😂