Buildings not working

My Buildings are not loading in the game dose anyone know how to fix this
When I load in there are no buildings at all of my graphics settings are on high if anyone knows how to fix this plz respond


Hey United, welcome to the forums. Can you please let us know what version of the app you are running and what airport this is occurring at.


Hey! Did you try restarting your device?

I restart the app and it works

ya i did that and its still broken

im using 21.1 i had buildings all until yesterday and now none of the buildings load in at all airports

What airport/s are having this issue, do they show up at KLAX by chance?

Hey there @United007YT

Try clearing the scenery Cache, and maybe that could work.

hi, try to reinstall the app. it works for me

Scenery Cache don’t fix this, a quick reboot to the device should fix it

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