Buildings & Clouds Q&A

Since your dev team pushback truck now (3D objects), is it possible to add auto pushback feature in the game? It would be more easier for all user and all look perfect without missed taxi lines every time.

Will every airport eventually get buildings or are there some that will not include buildings?

I think the ultimate goal is for every airport to have buildings but right now not all airports are edited which hinders the progress of securing buildings to all airports.

We will be able to actually crash into the buildings?

Like aerofly?

The blog article contains some great information. I’d advise checking it out.

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omg yes and i believe it will

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really in depth information on what to expect. well done team.

I’m looking forward to the buildings and clouds when they are released

Most likely won’t happen for a while, but if you wanna throw us a teaser of a jet bridge moving I would not complain. Just saying 😂 🤷🏻‍♂️

This is why I love this sim. Devoted staff team, great community, and there’s always a surprise in store. Don’t y’all dare go mainstream (if there is a mainstream in mobile sims lmao)!


Will jet bridges and tow truck and all be interactive? I mean like if you increase level of passengers jet bridge will apear and fuel truck and all that??

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When this update come out there will be no debate as to what to he best mobile sim is. After this update I don’t see how anybody can see IF is over priced. ICL I am worried about one thing, I think as soon as load the game After the update my iPad Will combust info flames


Will storm clouds be a thing within 3 years?


Are pushbacks still going to be done done manually, or can we expect push trucks to do the pushbacks automatically?

Just the fact that the IF team have been working on buildings since 2019 already amazes me. Well done that you managed to keep it under wraps for so long!


Look in the Terminal. I’m there taking a nap, about to miss my flight.


I’m am so excited for this! This reminds me back when global was still in development and how hyped we all were for it.

We’re working hard on making sure this doesn’t happen :) Lots of optimizations and code cleanups have been done already in that branch.


No changes to pushback planned for now.


It’s been hard ;)