Buildings & Clouds Q&A

We have to be realistic here; there are a lot of airports in the world with very unique features. It would take a HUGE amount of time to make all those airports look like the real one. We will explore the possibility to have bespoke buildings down the road but it will take time


Yes, it is amazing this update

So Project Metal won’t be, say, exclusively some sort of a 21.x or 22.x update that changes the sim completely, but it’ll come step by step as hot fixes every now and then?

EDIT: Got your reply, 100% clear now, thanks!

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I cannot wait for this update!

Got it! Thanks!

Yes. It is an ongoing effort.


Will the ground vehicles be static, moveable but automatically, or manually moveable?

Static for now. But would love to make them move eventually.


Also all will be left-hand drive (the proper and non-insane way).


Fantastic to see such exciting new developments under project metal that will be evolutionary for IF & IFC
Thank you IF team for all your efforts!
It’s gonna be MEGA!

Thank you for the update!!

As it currently says you’re keeping the tools for yourselves, does that mean that we later are able to create buildings for ourselves? How would that work, same way as IFAET or a new form of way to do it?


We’ll communicate more about the tools in the future.



So exciting! Thanks for the info.

Cool, thanks for the info!

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Implied future third party support? This is revolutionary!


I’m hyped 😁😁

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Yeah, realising there are tens of thousands of airports around the world my heart actually sank when I typed that concern - let alone wanting specific airport features :D

But… what an amazing news this is, any form of planned 3D airports would do wonders for immersion, can’t wait to refuel, pushback or park in Captain’s View facing the terminal windows where the passengers are waiting, hope interiors get lighted up too in due time.

Been waiting for a long time for this and now it’s coming, thank you Infinite Flight team!


I am just so excited for this

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Hopefully out 2021!!! GREAT JOB GUYS!