Buildings & Clouds Q&A

Are they ever gonna change all the airports ground textures?

An update to the textures of the runways and taxiways would be amazing, I’m kinda bored from the current ones…

These are a few examples of what we don’t currently have, does anyone knows something about this?


That’s up to X-Plane, not IF. IF uses WED which is X-Plane software.

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I am just too excited for this


We really need rain and snow to come to the sim.

Rain and snow will not be coming in the initial release. However, you can vote for precipitation in the feature request I’ve linked below.

What about fog you know how when you come out of fog in a aircraft the bottom is like white and it looks cool but in infinite flight when you come out of fog it disapears could project metal change that

Project Metal is not a features update. Instead, Project Metal is rebuilding the code that Infinite Flight is built on.

That said, Project Metal may allow for new features (such as the one you’ve suggested) to make their way into the sim. The developers have taken note of community requests, and I am sure it’s built into their plan.

If you have any further questions regarding Project Metal , I’d suggest checking out the blog post.

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Oh Yeah, And I also agree that snow should come soon to the simulator. Thank you @Z-Tube so much for discussing this with me. Because when it does the infinite flight simulator game will look more popular and I can fly all of the Southwest - Heart, and Southwest - Canyon Blue. You think rain, thunderstorms, lighting, tornadoes & hurricanes can come to Infinite Flight. Also do you think cars, trains, and fuel trucks will come to Infinite Flight. Because we are suppost to get snow on Tuesday or Wednesday the weather says. Let me know once you get back to me.

Hope you have a great day/afternoon/night!

You can fly all of those anyways… let’s remember this is a Buildings and Clouds Q&A, not a snow and rain thread. 🙂


Thanks so much Pingu, I really appreciate it. I’m always gonna fly Alaska, Spirit, Delta, and Southwest to BWI on the sim.

Was this the picture that you didn’t want to remember?

I think it is the rain and snow topic that you did not want to Remember. Because the topic may be more releastic. I’m hoping it’s not a duplicate. Because I absolutely did General instead of Features. Ok, we will continuing Buildings & Clouds Q&A 😊

You can already fly to BWI with those airlines rn 😄

I have an iPhone 11 that can search the engine faster than my iPad. I can usually play Infinite Flight on there. I flew to BWI on Infinite Flight a couple times with all Southwest Airlines & Spirit Airlines rn 😆

Please remember that this topic is about the coming release(s) featuring buildings & clouds, nothing else :)



wow. it’s so nice

Extremely excited for this! I just hope it won’t consume a lot of storage or cause the app to run slow or I’ll have to buy a new tablet 😅

I don’t think so will ;)

When will be the update for 3D buildings?😀

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No release date has been specified. It’ll come when it’s ready.


The release date has been confirmed. Like we just told you, It will absolutely come soon. That will be my best answer.