Buildings & Clouds Q&A

It will be like lax and lhr combined

When are we gonna get the updated KSLC?? Not too much concerned about the building but just the regular map

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Thank you guys so much. I thought this would come years later. To see y’all surprise us like this to start the new year is so awesome.

When imagery is available for the new terminal and additions. Since it is kind of new, it may take a bit of time to obtain updated imagery to work with to make it accurate.

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Ooo. I see

Just for a simple comparison KMSY has had it’s new terminal for a long time, but as soon as there was an imagery source available for us to use it was worked on quickly and made it into the update just gone.

Were just waiting and praying for the same thing at SLC, it gets on our nerves too 😂

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They updated MSY???

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👀 It would be worth taking a look

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Looks like I have a new destination to go to😁😁😁


Hey @jasonrosewell I’m really looking forward to the release of the cirus clouds and terminals buildings etc and anticipate and appreciate it will take a very long time for this to be completed and rolled out but I will still be waking up everyday with hope it is somehow magically here 😎😂 fantastic work and I appreciate the hard and tiring work you guys do for us, thank you and god bless.


I wonder if we will get the amazing gold 6 pronged terminal structure at ZBAD. This would look stunning from the air.


This would probably be with Project Metal your referring to. We have the terminal in IF though. But not the 3D version

Nah the one we have now is just the shape but it’s overlayed onto the farm scenery.

The airport is up to date and as accurate as possible. The airport editing team cannot control the scenery the airport is “overlayed” on. The scenery IF has purchased is from a few years ago so there are obviously going to be some inaccuracies as time goes on. That’s why you can still see the farm under the airport because the scenery was taken before the airport was even under construction. Nothing the airport editing team can do about this I’m afraid.

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I didn’t mean to cause offence. I have removed this part of my post, I understand how much work they do to improve airports.

Oh no none taken I totally understand your concern. I was just trying to give you a detailed explanation as to why there is farm under the airport. No problem at all.

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Can’t wait for this! I’m so hyped!

Are You Considering Of Adding Taxiway Signs Come With The Building Update So It Becomes More Realistic? Like The ATC Says Taxi Via November, Golf, Alfa, Hold Short Of Xray? Please Confirm.


ARE THE BUILDINGS GOING TO HAVE REALISTIC GLASS and steel like the planes or will it be one of those default blocks with like “windows painted on the side”

to be honest that building in the image above kind of looks like a block with windows painted on the side