Buildings at KDEN are not true to life

Some of the buildings at KDEN are wrong. For example, the main terminal is just a block, and doesn’t have the classic ‘tents’ like the actual building. Also, the hotel by said terminal is also incorrect, and the ATC tower is wrong as well. They all look like generic models. I wouldn’t have worried about this too much except that airports like KLAX have custom structures.


I’d like to start off by welcoming you to the community! We are glad to have you. As for some inconsistencies with real world buildings at some airports, this is due to some of the options that are currently available. For example, staff said that the towers that were modeled for LAX, SFO, and LHR would not be custom for every airport. If this was the case, the updates would come out a lot slower as there would need to be custom towers for thousands of airports.

There have also been topics in the past about roof shapes and definitions. Staff have also stated that this is constraint that they have at the moment but are working to hopefully get curved roofs and shapes to add onto the realism.