Building up my hours in training room

How do you guys n girls recommend dealing with the, how shall we put it, more stubborn pilots? Do you give them what they want? Ignore them? When you get someone not following instruction etc it can really cause a stall in your rhythm. How do the more experienced members handle it to ensure a smooth running of an airfield? You’re going to get them, I know, just wondering what the ideal solution to the situation is. Somewhere like Schiphol with a pilot going to whatever runway he fancies can cause some right drama and I want to create as less as an impact on the more well mannered pilots as I can. Its busy enough as it is there at times lol, especially when I’m doing ground and tower.

Thanks for any advice!

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Simple. Join IFATC. You have the power to ghost.

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Just try to incorporate them as much as possible or just totally ignore them and hope they go away soon, make tracking threads threads and move up into the expert IFATC aspect of controlling.
I recommend seeing this thread to help-
You can also PM a trainer and they will gladly assist you :)


It’s fully my intention. Building up my hours currently, but until I can ghost, looking for best ideas!

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As I heard @DeerCrusher say - Being an IFATC isn’t about ghosting. Ghosting is a last resort. We only ghost if we have to. We don’t ghost for fun. We don’t ghost because we want to. We ghost because pilots are disrupting the professional experience we try to provide.

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Well said. The best thing to do is tell them to follow instructions or to check tutorials on the forum.


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