Building Trust On A Flight

MKJP to MKJS on expert server this afternoon

After doing few TnG’s at MKJP (thanks for the excellent ATC services) another fighter pilot was spinning up the turbines. After a few laps we both had the thought to depart the airspace. Even though we never flew together, you would have never known it. The flight evolved into a professional flight of 2 and a formation arrival into MKJS.

These are the moments I fly for and why it’s great to fly fighters on the expert server.

Thanks to @infiniteflight876 (callsign MADMAX). Nice job being a solid lead. If you’re on IFC. Drop a line.

Line Astern, doing a damage check on my lead

Keeping the formation tight from both prospectives

Arriving at MKJS. Entering a left traffic pattern for a flight of 2 formation landing on RWY 7

When you’ve built up a solid rapport on the flight and trust each other enough, stuff like this can happen 👍


Wholesome! Also nice shots

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Wow! Love them :)

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thanks, I was trying to get some unique angles for the formation

Dang that’s insane that you guys had no coordination

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It was a team effort. I had a great lead that was smooth, steady and decisive throughout the flight. I was just doing my best to be a good wingman, who he could count on to be in position at any given time. : )


Thanks everyone for all of the likes on the pics

You said it perfectly! One of the reasons I love fighters as well! It’s like an open invite to join in!


Love that we never fly alone on IF.

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That is awesome.

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Thanks. Really cool profile you have too.

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That guy is a maniac!

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Flying in formation must be fun!

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Thanks. Do you understand it at all?

LOL. There no fear in doing fighter formation on the expert server…if you do it professionally. Good oppertunity to use the flight of # on you callsign and work as a team

It is. takes some practice, but when you get it right it’s super rewarding. If you ever need people to practice with try posting a group flight for practicing formation flying. You can also look at joining one of the military VA’s like IFAE GAF. They do a lot of cool group flights.

I’m always willing to join a formation flight too.

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