Building The A350

Someday. The A350 will be present on Infinite Flight. We just need to be patient

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Please, I beg the devs, make sure the fans spin clockwise when starting up. It bothers me, especially with the RR powered 744 in IF because it spins anticlockwise when starting up.


If it’s with the engines, this topic isn’t where you should say such things. You need to be TL2 to create a topic in #features :)

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Very well written post, Jason.


This will be great. We all get to see the progression of this aircraft together !!


The A350 is going to be an amazing addition to IF.

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Yes!!! I am so happy!

THIS. I came to IF to fly airliners, but I ended up falling for GA in the process. An update to the 172 would go a long way!


Just read the full timeline article! I’m very excited! Hoping it doesn’t take nearly 12 months - but if it does - it’s better than not coming out at all!

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Counterclockwise* lol not “anticlockwise”

Finally… it’s here!

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That’s great! I used to model 3D renderings in 3DS MAX, and to make everything perfect takes a whole lot of time and effort. It took me some time to make a 3D model I wanted to implement into my project game about a week or two due to how detailed it was.

I understand this whole thing of 3D modeling and Textures.

I cannot wait to see the finished A350 model in the future, thanks for the Timeline, and thanks for everything you guys offer!

THANKS, flint ally, every day, waiting for this moment. Just need to wait a bit.

This is probably the best virtual announcement I’ve ever received as a Birthday present. The coincidence of my birthday being today is huge and the so is the production of this magnificent engineering marvel taking place at the hands of our beloved developers team.

Keep up the beautiful work. I love everything you guys do and that is a honest opinion! And to add on, I get to celebrate my 18th birthday by receiving this lovely news 😍🥳


dang this is impressive. can’t wait to see what comes along over the next few months

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Thank you IF, fantastic news.

Does anyone want to start a livery/feature tracking thread?

Oh, I feel the sneak peeks and livery speculations coming already 😂

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This is awesome the A350 is coming yaaaaaaaaay

Turkish livery please


TAM had the first of Latin America, the PR-XTA, can we have this uniform?

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This just made my day! I hope the design process goes smoothly, I know it will though… you guys always are outdoing yourselves :-)

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