Building The A350

A talk wish Misha, he said ‘don’t expect anything before summer! Hahahaha…’ Literally.

Sometime around then. They have a meet up which I am probably going to on the 7th October at Birmingham ;)

courtesy IFAE insta


Oooo are they flight testing them already ?

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No, the A350 is still in the process of 3D modeling as far as we as a community are aware. After the 3D modeling is complete for the A350, it will be sent to Laura who will program the aircraft with the realistic flight physics.

After all of that has been completed then it will begin Alpha and Beta testing.


Here is a post from the other day.

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dang savage, southern hemisphere summer of 2023 ;)

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Thanks to the Development Timeline to keep us posted!

After this and the 777 are released I might have a reason to renew Pro


“This low poly overhead panel for the A350 went from 1.8 million polygons, down to 19,686 to make it useable on your mobile device.

Maybe this is a hint that some of those button May be live


If by “live” you mean that when you press something on the 2D UI and as a result you’ll see the swtich flicker on the 3D model, then it’s already been confirmed to be the case.

If by “live” you mean interactive, then no. The A350 will not have any interactive buttons/switches/knobs like X-Plane does.

Live like we have in the x-cub

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me to, my current pro subscription will end by the end of September this year I thought that I will renew after the A350 release!


Can’t wait to see the A350 is roll out. I wait to see new features that have been used on previously added planes.


I am switching to the a350 when available from the a321. Good stuff!

I wonder if it will have an interior like the CRJ


I’m pretty sure the A350 and reworked 777 are getting interiors and working doors. (Dont fact check me though)


That would be very cool! Lets see if they implement that into the planes…

The DT (development timeline) is always there for any news…

Let’s hope so. In any case, though, if both aircraft are released in the same update, it will be one of the best IF aircraft releases ever!

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