Building a real airplane on Minecraft

Since Minecraft is a very well known cubic game, I think many of you have played it, and I think a lot of you have made airplanes…

So here we are, today I propose that we share all the planes we made on Minecraft ( no shame in having, we all have a different level of construction ).

To improve the game, don’t say the type of the plane and its company, to make the others guess.

So that’s it for me!


That looks really cool! It reminds of a few years ago when my brother and I made a Minecraft airport.


Did you use worldedit? Or was it completely manual?

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Wow, awesome work man! I’ve built planes in Minecraft, but I’ve never been able to make something that big. That’s a huge project, props to you for sticking to it and getting to done, it looks great!

I have an MD-80 and a 737 I built, lemme find a few photos of them real quick.


I did both

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I’m not sure if this is allowed or not? Since this is a Infinite flight community and not minecraft community. So don’t be surprised if this gets closed. Just saying.

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It’s aviation related but I see your point. I think it should be okay…


For this to be in #real-world-aviation is was moderator approved so…

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These are my two best planes I’ve built. They’re the result of years of practicing my building skills, studying other builds and tutorials, and trial & error. I built these specific planes by myself a few months back. Enjoy!

United Airlines 737-200:

Delta Air Lines MD-80:

I’m on Pocket Edition because I can install shaders and texture packs easily.


I just dug up a bunch of old stuff from when I used to play Java (I mostly played earlier this year, but I don’t play Java at all anymore). Anyway, I decided to build myself a 1930’s style airport, complete with a Ford Tri-Motor, DC-3, Piper J3 Cub, and a Boeing Stearman. Enjoy!

TWA Ford Tri-Motor on the ramp:

Piper J3 Cub in the maintenance area:

Boeing Stearman (crop-duster) leaving the hangar:

United DC-3 on final:

So yeah, I built these in late-may, lol. The Tri-Motor was based off a photo (but it’s not exact), and all the other aircraft are my own designs.


It’s not like the general category, an IFC must approve before publication.

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frankly, it’s really not bad, I have that too.

( try to become which plane it is and from which company )


I started on an airport once then my sister told me to spawn a bunch of villagers inside she said “it would make it more realistic” well I spawned too many and then the lag was just too bad to continue work. I have downloaded some airport mods though

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dang those are some crazy shaders.

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Haha, they look good though when you’re playing. Taking a photo on a different device makes them look bad though. 😕

@Zephyr, nice job! We certainly have a different style when it comes to building planes on a smaller scale.


ATR Family

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Well done @Zephyr
Btw, I wondered if you prefer doing it on minecraft or in roblox ?


on roblox it’s too complicated because you have to make the plane from Blender if you want it to look like Something, on minecraft, it’s also very difficult but with imagination you can do it


Nice work! I’ve never been able to make a good looking turboprop that actually has room to put seats in. 😂

Great job!

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New plane! Citation X, what do you think?

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  • Perfect

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the smaller it is, the harder it is

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