Building a flight sim

It has been my dream for a long time to build a full sized full motion flight simulator of the Boeing 737-800 if you don’t understand what I mean check out the Norwegian 737 project on you tube, can anybody see the future of infinite flight taking off with the PC version, do you think they could get advanced enough for me to use their program for supporting the 737 simulator?
Most home build sims currently use fsx or x plane and their program.
Any thoughts are much appreciated

All flight sims nearly runs on same principle. Prepar3d wasn’t here very long, it’s MS ESP(commercial version of FSX). All sims shares similar resources. Once IF release pc version and support FSUIPC then you’ll be able use any hardware and built your own home sim. I think hardcore pc sim guys would like stand alone IF pc sim and use phone/tablet for ATC.

About Norwegian, I think he went around countries spent 15 to 30 thousand pounds.

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Yeh it’s expensive, IF would need to use vat sim I think, anyway just seeing wat you guys thought

sometimes it’s good to have walled garden like apple. IF already release data thru api. But ATC should be under IF control before anyone can build server and make mess. For now IF brand identity is its ATC and portable.

Wow that’s quite the dream!

That seems like an amazing and rewarding project once completed…

Best of luck in your pursuit!

IF ran a poll on that a while back I think. Seems logical that someday IF could be launched on a PC. The best flight sims are those for a computer and if it’s a computer game, there’s got to be one for the PC.

It was a huge success. 87% yes, 12% no

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