Bugs with calibration

Hi there I want to report a problem repeating itself. I was on final at Frankfurt and I turned off auto pilot and suddenly the aircraft went 90 degrees down. And I crashed. This happend again and I had calibrated 4 times om approach and the same thing happened. Can you please help me with it

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I was at Charles da Gaulle international where this happened but when I takeoff it works fine

Was the device held straight both horizontally and vertically?

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Did you use any game controllers before?

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Yes it was held. I tried both ways

No I do not use controllers

It could have just been a glitch. I recommend restarting your device. That should do the trick


Are you sure your trim was set correctly?

I never set the trim

I will try that

Ok, great. Let me know

Ok I restarted my device and tried testing this out on solo on final but the moment I spawned the aircraft turned
violently to the right. I calibrated it again and then the aircraft turned the nose down and crashed

Can you head over to Infinite Flight → Settings → Controls and then screenshot that for me and post it here?

I know this is a REALLY db question but how do we paste pics here

This is what you click to add an image:


wait for a sec

Great! It likes like everything is set to default, however please press Restore Defaults just so we know. Once that’s done, let me know

this has previously happened to me, where I would just instantly turn AP off, and my aircraft would pitch down and nearly crash, what i do now, is i turn of each AP section of separately (eg, speed, then ALT etc) and since then, the issue doesn’t seem to happen much if at all! Hope this helps in some way, shape or form!

that is a GENIUS MOVE