bugs/problem with new update IPAD PRO 12 inch

first bug , the speaker volume suddenly going up and full volume
second bug , the autopilot button look at the picture :

then some region doesnt support live weather (before it was support)

I’d put this under #support

A little more details please? I’m not understanding the autopilot situation.

For a start, I’m not really sure what you’re showing us with the whole AP issue. As for weather, this is common in many areas and the dev team are aware. If you could provide a little more insight into your problems that would be amazing

the button only , inst the autopilot program . when u turn the heading you cant see the numeric number

Still, if it isn’t, it would be good for the developers to fix. @Aussie_Wombat are you having these issues?

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It’s not a bug though is it? It’s a case of the little drop-down, showing you how much you’re changing your speed, is covering the heading briefly. As I said, it’s merely a visual effect

At the bottom of the screen where your compass is, there is a green circle that represents your selected heading.

i see that , the reen circles . i told about the square button .

No, I’m not experience these issues. Then again I’m running an iOS beta

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Why do you ask Wombat?

I mean, it’s an issue, but not that big. Maybe included in next update… I dunno

Because i have the same iPad


It ought to be fixed though. It’s out of place. How else would the developers know? I’m sure they’d appreciate this post.

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It’s just a suggestion for the devs to fix. I don’t get why you’re being so critical about it. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!


if u change the heading , you wont be able to see the column of numeric