Bugs on the map makes iPad crash

Hello there, I’ve been playing infinite flight for a quite long time now. Firstly I wanted to say that the game has gone far from its beginning and that’s pretty nice. Nevertheless, the new map, I believe its causing some problems on the gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing and times better than the old one. But idk if it is after update 19.4, but it has some bugs going on like for example: your FPL flashes (disappears and appears) while you are moving the map around or it gets like stacked and you cant move it around regardless your connection to the live server. Same happens with borders or some other details. I think that’s causing some crashes on some iPads like my own. I lost my flight (FACT-EDDF) due to the map going nuts 😢 just almost arriving to destination.
Thanks for reading, hopes this helps on something 😊.

Hey @Tango2903!

We do have a known issue with increased crashed rate on iOS which you can read more about here:

However, this issue you are mentioning about the map is not something i can recall seeing or hearing about before. Or my memory is really bad…
You wouldn’t happen to have a screen recording available for when that occurs?


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