Bugs no simulator

Hello Goodnight

Please fix the bugs that are occurring with the connection, and the terrain is also disappearing, especially if it is in a flight lasting longer than 10 hours. unfortunately I am not able to complete my flights.


Good evening, @ADINAILDO_SANTOS!

I apologize for the inconvenience. Your first issue is likely due to your service provider. If you’re on WiFi, you can reset your router. If you’re on 4G/LTE/5G, perhaps trying a different location would work.

Your second issue sounds similar to a bug in Infinite Flight versions prior to 21.06.02. Do you know what your current app version is? This can be found by checking via your respective AppStore or through Infinite Flight’s settings menu. If you see that you’re on any version other than 21.06.02, please update and see if that solves the problem.

Hopefully this helps!

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My internet is excellent, via fiber cable, as for the simulator I’m using the latest version, 21.06.02,

Hello! @ADINAILDO_SANTOS It’s very strange, it stopped happening to me after the last update (06.21.02) … Have you tried uninstalling the application and reinstalling it?

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