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I love the animated jet bridges, but in the case of smaller aircraft… the doors on a CRJ-700 work differently than a door on a 737-800. The door on the CRJ swings down, and it doesn’t open until the jet bridge reaches the plane. The door then phases through the jet bridge, and it makes the simulation look horrible. On top of that, the jet bridge also phases into the cockpit!!!

Solution. I think we should make the door controls, and the jet bridge controls separate. That way, we can open the doors when we want, and optionally add a jet bridge or air stairs.

In the US jetbrides are often used for CRJ’s too, thats why it connects on the CRJ too. But i agree there should be an option to just use the door, not with the jetbridge.

I know… I’m from Dallas in the US. Typically there is an extender plate they use between the jet bridge and the plane because they can’t reach the entrance of the CRJ because of those rails on the planes door.

Yeah, therefor i dont think this should be in support as this is the way its designed right now. Mabye later we can get that feature!

Ok, I just need a person who can let the people at Infinite Flight know about this bug.

I agree. I personally want to have it like it used to be, opening the doors we want open and opening them and closing them when we want.

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