Bugs found in Infinite Flight

Hello, I identified two bugs that are occurring in this version (22.2). Since there’s a bug that’s been in the simulator for a while, so I’ll tell you which are the two and I’ll put the link for you to look at and if anyone can give me any tips, I’ll be grateful!

Bug number one: when I activate the commands outside the aircraft which are: (Spoilers, Flaps, Ailerons), they arm directly, and when I go back inside the cockpit, it looks like they are not armed and I go out to the camera from outside they arm. Well, I’ll put the video link of this bug that is occurring in case you don’t understand what I said. Remembering that this has been happening for a while (I think it was already like this in the previous version) I just don’t know if it’s happening on all aircraft. I noticed this bug on AIRBUS A318 to A321 and Boeing B737’s to B777’s. These were the aircraft tested by me.

Link: bug number one - YouTube

Bug number two: is when we connect the pushback to the aircraft, the PFD does a little black out and comes back (this is a matter of a second, I think). I know it’s a small bug, but it’s kind of uncomfortable for us users to go through this.

Link: Bug number two - YouTube

Hopefully these two bugs will be resolved soon or in this next update. Greetings.

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As far as I know, the first bug is already recognized and is in works to be rectified and I think the same as well with the second bug, anyone else please correct me if I am wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience by these bugs.

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Hey, for the Infinite Flight team to assist you better, you might want to provide your device and operating sustem.

Bug n°1: Impossible to reproduce
Bug n°2: Reproduced

Samsung A515F

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For me the bug no. 1 has been reproduced many times.

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Thanks Bro! My Smartphone: Motorola Moto G9 Power
Version: 22.2

Hello Friend. Did you manage to play the video of Bug number one?

OK that’s done, it might take time, or not until a staff sees this support topic, if you don’t get any replies maybe bump this topic up or if the issue still occurs

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Thanks bro!

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