Bugs category merged into Support category

Update: The “Bugs” category has now been deleted; all of its topics have been relocated to the “Support” category.

In order to streamline our forum we (admins and moderators) decided to merge the Bugs category into the Support category since they seem to be treated the same way by most ppl in the community and it might be confusing for new members.
The “Bugs” category was meant to be for confirmed bugs with precise repro steps and device data for us to quickly investigate, unfortunately a lot of them are simple support questions.

We might re-open a Bugs sub-category in the future that only trusted members can post into for support issues that turn out to be bugs that have been verified and reproduced by other ppl in the community but in the meantime it seems easier to have a single category for all support related issue.

While we move all Bugs topics to the Support category you won’t be able to post or reply in that category anymore.


No more confusion about what category threads belong to. Thank you!


We have needed this for a long time.


No more confusion :)

The confusion is over!

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Got that right!

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Eyy! I kinda liked the bugs category (my favourite category, and my home ( xD ), but at least that clears up confusion!