#Bugreport regarding with the open beta

Good day! I have re searched on this issue where i open infinite flight after open beta and the message saying Infinite flight has stopped or Infinite flight keeps stopping, i have also tried to search in infinite flight regarding my issue and non of them work i was planning on replying to the topic but its already clossed, my subscription is about to renew tomorrow and i just wanted to try the terminals if someone can please help me with this issue it would great, the version i am using is a 8.0.0 samsung j8 Please help, again the version is andriod 8.0.0 thank you.

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Please any issues you experience during beta should be reported in the #open-beta category

Also, i have searched my issue in the topic category.

I believe this is your issue from what Iā€™m understanding

Thank you.

No worries happy to help :)

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