Buggy Aircraft Model with Tower and Overhead camera views

I am currently doing a flight from KBOS to KATL using jetBlue’s A220, when I switched to Tower and Overhead camera views, I can see that the aircraft model is very buggy. Attached here is what it looks like when using these camera views. I do not know if this is apparent on other aircraft.
All graphics settings High. Iphone 12. IOS 15.3.1

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Hello Kat,

This is a known issue. Check this topic below for more information:

Take care!


Ah I see I was scrolling for so long to find a similar thread I decided to give up and to just post one. Thanks Declan!

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No worries, not an issue at all. Fingers crossed it will be fixed soon when better rendering techniques are implemented as mentioned by Seb.

Have a good one!

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