Bugging after 21.1

Is it only happens to me?

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Have you installed 21.2? Probably it solves this issue :)

I believe this was a rendering issue, which was probably noted in the 21.1 open-beta

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Yes it was, the bug was known as “cockpit components showing through the aircraft” and the devs are aware of it.

To OP: Judging by the title you are on 21.1. Try updating to the latest version, 21.2, to see if this fixes your issue.

I think it’s a known issue 🤔
I’ve seen some people had the same problem with the 787. Could see the gear while up.

Installed and still happening

That’s good to know that devs team are fixing it, also it was updated version

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I have the same issue. It’s even worse on the CRJ family for me.

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