Bugged vehicle

Operating system:
iPhone 11 IOS 16 Travis afb

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Ehrm, you couldn’t have switched to noon or something with a bit more lighting? ;)



Do you mind specifying what exactly is bugged? Looks fine to me.

Ground service vehicles

Try clearing your scenery cache and restarting the app. Should fix the issue.

Right, do you mind mentioning the server? Were you on expert beta?

The scenery cache doesn’t have an effect on this, it only helps with scenery, as the name suggests. An app restart and device restart might fix it though.

Done that did not work

I am non pro solo flight

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Alright, can you check your 3D object density, what is that at? If it is at low can you move it up to medium or high and try again

High quality

Try the steps listed in this solution to a similar issue:

If these steps don’t work, are you able to replicate this using different aircraft at different airports?

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