Bug: Zoom randomly stops working

I encoutered an issue today where zoom stopped working after accidentally hitting home. List of things I noticed not working if devs want to look into it:

  • zooming on map view
  • moving and zooming on any camera view
  • panning on map view (fixed after opening and closing settings)
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Hey @xsrvmy!

Would you mind stating your device and what version of Infinite Flight you are on so anyone that is knowledgeable may be able to step in if they’re able to assist? Just for some clarification, if you happen to be on 20.2, this would turn into a different situation, but if you were on 20.1, then maybe it’s more worth looking into, considering that is the RTM version at this time.

I’m on 20.2, but this zoom issues has happened to be many times before when I tried to use an old tablet for long hauls, so I doubt 20.2 introduced it.

Many times before as in, pre-20.2 beta?

Yeah this was ages ago lol

One thing though, I inadvertently turned on my game booster’s performance optimization so that might have something to do with it. I normally only use it to block wechat calls. This is the only time this issue has happen on a device that’s not my tablet IIRC.

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