Bug with wing flex on replay

hello, i just saw a replay of me landing on a croatia a319, and i saw how the wing flex would just “flap” like a bird, can someone help me?

Hey! I’m not sure what you exactly mean by this… mind elaborating a bit further? What exactly is the issue?

when i was landing, the wings would start to flex like when there were very high winds (50+ knts) but there was 0 knots wind and the plane was coming in without being unstable

Hey! Did you skip from a certain part of the replay in the flight to the landing portion? Usually this can occur for a second or two but resolves on its own.

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i skipped like a minute, but it didn’t resolve after a second, it resolved when the plane landed

You can change the weather in replay mode. Go to “Weather” in the pause menu, and then set turbulence to none.

Dunno if this is exactly what you meant but there’s a little delay, also on takeoff, when airborne it takes about 3 seconds before the wing flexes

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