Bug with weather

IPad Pro
Version 16.3.1

The airports that I am departing to and landing and passing over etc all say “no weather” when I am selecting where to depart and land to. I.E, my status bar in Dublin shows winds 11knts from 173 but if I click on the airport, it shows “no weather”

So basically there’s always weather coverage no matter what.
But if theres a airport with a METAR it over rules it.

Heres more what i mean
(I’m not good at explaining thing but I will try.)

So basically infinite flight gathers live whether information from various amount of sources, but there are only accurate to a degree. (typically 12km squared for global coverage)

But If a airport has a METAR, it will overrule the overall weather information. This means that, even though the overall weather coverage is ect. The weather coverage will be the METAR at the airport regardless.
IF dose this not only for realism. But it makes weather information way more accurate, instead of being a generalization of overall weather in that area.

How ever if there is no METAR available, the weather information for the airport is not replaced with the METAR, And will be the generalization of the weather recorded in that area.

So you are seeing the overall wether that was recorded. This is COMPLETELY different then the actual airport whether. This is because its vary hard to record weather on the nose. So if its global coverage. It wont be vary accurate.

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