Bug with weather at night

Hello, I just saw that there’s a bug when I want to do a night flight. The sky changes color with every movement it’s weird. Does anyone have the same thing? Thank you

PS: I can’t get to post the video that shows the problem

I don’t have that issue is it only at night?

Can you upload the video to youtube and then paste the link here please?

Does it happen with all night flights regardless of time?

Yes only at night that strange, the sky switches from black to orange (sunset) to dark night

Try going to settings and clear your scenery cache

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Yes that at night I’ll put the link to the video

No. No. No.
Scenery is for ground texture + terrain elevation. Not the sky.

This is not directly aimed at @Chicago_Aviator - but please… don’t suggest this ever unless it’s something funky with what i previously mentioned. Thank you :)


Oh my bad sorry about that I had no intention of wrong doing.

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Exactly what device do you have and what is your graphics settings set to?

Xiaomi Mi 8

actually nvm. sorry, thought you meant something else. Have a good day!

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