Bug with the map (plane heading)

Hi there IF Team,

I came here to share a bug with the map. I don’t ever do this with other apps, but I love this team and this app so much that it’s worth my time.

Anyhow, the bug is that the plane shown on the map will not rotate with the map. In other words, if I move the map and the map rotates, the plane should continue to point towards the direction of movement. However, the plane will not rotate with the map, causing it to look like the plane is moving sideways, or moving backward. The behavior can be seen in both HUD and full maps:

  • Happened on my OMDB-KLAX flight, have not tested it anywhere else (yet)
  • Seen near the north pole (where the map would “pivot” around a point)
  • The waypoint shown on the screenshot is ABERI; previous waypoint was LUGOT, and my next is VOR YVR.
  • Probably doesn’t matter as much, but I’m flying a 388 with the Emirates livery
  • Running on 1st Generation 12.9" iPad Pro
  • App Verion 19.4.7287.42708 - iPadPro1

Screenshots below:

This is normal: I achieve this by pressing the center/locate button on the map. Notice my heading is 289.

When I move the map, it pivots around the north pole. Now My map shows that the plane is pointed towards Asia even though I’m continuing to KLAX.

If I continue to move the map, now my plane is flying backward, flying to KLAX, but points back to OMDB! (My heading has changed to 288 because I’m in flight.)

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Because the map is oriented in a north up position at all times, this would be expected as you’re crossing over the poles. The camera for the map can never be directly over the pole which is why your aircraft appears to be sliding across rather than tracking on course. There’s a certain point at which you can go before the camera for the map will stop. Hope that clarifies.


But I would think that the plane should rotate with the map to stay in line with the current heading, no? Another way that I think about it is that if the plane is a dot, this wouldn’t matter as dot has no direction pointer. But using the image of a plane on a map should keep the nose of the aircraft pointed in the direction of travel.

Not a huge deal, and definitely not something that’ll break my love for this game, but wanted to see what the team’s thoughts are.

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