Bug with Pause Menu

iPad Air 2
iOS 9.0.2
Latest release version
No Pirated or Jailbroken Software Installed on my device

Infinite Flight pause menu is shifted down and buttons on pause menu are closer to each other than usual

To reproduce this bug I:

  1. Launch Infinite Flight
  2. Select anything to fly or choose to be ATC anywhere
  3. Click Fly
  4. Go to pause menu.

Photo of bug:

I repeated the steps on my iPad Air 2 9.0.2 and I got the normal pause screen

Very strange how the bug is for some users

Yep, same. Tried to reproduce but could not get the error to show up.

Yes! This happened on my mini 2 when I followed the steps:
I also have IOS 9.0.1, with the latest IF (The bug fixes).

Good Spot.

Except the fact that the original poster has iOS 9.0.2 :)

I think he was just trying to say that it happens on both iOS models

Yeah I have that same problem on my iPad aswell

The bug’s still there though :)

Just got this problem when I was controlling at YSSY for a while ago. Really weird.

iPad Air 2
Still on iOS 9.0.1

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I have the same problem.

iPad Mini with iOS 9.0.2 since update 05.10.2015

iPad Air with iOS 9.0.1 since update 05.10.2015

We have a different layout on tablet and phones (always been that way). If you hold your ipad with your palms at the bottom corners, the buttons in the pause menu becomes hard to reach if it remains at the center; this is why they have been shifted.

Let us know if you feel it doesn’t work for you.


Maybe what you could do is have an option to change the pause menu layout?

Mo Options, Mo Problems :)

While we are all for customization, we need to keep it where it matters.


I get the idea, but looks a little untidy. Maybe make the icons a little smaller and having a bit more space between them.

I have problem with IF ipad version the connection is bad in playground i have iPad mini 4 with version ios 9.3.1

Make sure you have a stable Wifi connection.

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