Bug with LNAV

There is this bug that keeps amping me. It happens when you are doing multiple legs on the same flight session. You turn in the APPR at your first destination and you land. Then you turn on LNAV again and it puts you on the ILS course and doesn’t turn. Im flying Dallas to eagle county to aspen to mint rose and back to Dallas. I’m on the aspen to montrose leg and now I have to manual put in the headings. I know first world problem but it has just been annoying me since I have started playing.

Is your Nav Source NAV1 or GPS? If your NAV source is NAV1, it will guide you to what is set as NAV1, so the ILS course. Also, I don’t think this should be in #thirdparty

This is not a bug but acting as designed. You need to specify the correct ILS frequency for the leg you are on.

So if you click on the NAV tab, then source, you can change your direction from NAV1 to GPS. Your source automatically changes to NAV1 when APPR is selected so you just have to change it back.

Thanks so much for the help

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