Bug with HUD map in cockpit view

In the cockpit view, there is a bug with the hud map: If you drag with one finger to pan, the cockpit doesn’t move, as excepted. If you drag with two fingers to zoom, the cockpit will move, which is almost certainly an oversight.

I just found this on iOS. Will test if this occurs also on Android later.


Mind evaluating further?

Would be much easier to help you if you were to;

  1. Head to settings
  2. General
  3. Show Touches
  4. Record a video of this happening, upload it to YouTube as listed, send the video here so I can try to help.

Are you referring to the Mini-Map? So what you’re experiencing is that when in Cockpit view, and with the Minimap visible, you can’t move around on the minimap using one finger?

Yeah I’m talking about the HUD minimap. The minimap works as expected, but if I use two fingers on it, both the map and the cockpit camera respond to by inputs.

Also just checked, this happens on Android too.

I am going to try and test this, I’ll get back to you with my results.

Resolution: use one finger to move the minimap.

I know that works, and there is the zoom button, but I’m more used to using two fingers to zoom because I don’t fly with live cockpit that often.

Just because there is a workaround to a bug doesn’t mean it is not a bug. This is actually not the only multitouch bug out there. There is also the issue that rudder gets locked when using the atc panel which was useful as an autobrake before but is less useful now.

I really don’t see this rudder glitch being a problem, I have never needed to use a rudder so urgently that I cannot send a quick response to ATC.

It’s an issue when taxiing

If you are simply responding to ATC you can just hold the ATC button for a few seconds and it will send a reply. This way you won’t need to open the menu.

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