Bug with F-22

I have some problems with the F-22. Feature was at Cologne Airport. Just wanted to fly around above Germany. As I landed , when touching the ground the plane started stalling and flew at a VS of about 300.000 to ALT -7.000.000 after that it came back up again with a VS of 300.000 to a height of 10.500.000 where its stuck now… btw at a GS of about 15.000 - 17.000 knts. Not that big of an Issue, but I wanted to mention it. If necessary, I can show some videos… Happy landings!
Ps. I’m pretty busy to get the plane down on ground now, and luckily I am on Casual Server!

That altitude seems legit. I’d recommend that you post that there is a bug if and when you actually utilize the aircraft in its recommended service and speed window.


That’s what happens in real life too so don’t worry about it

Yeah I always casually fly into space in a plane

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I would if I could but plane is uncontrollable…

Keep it under its service ceiling and within its max speed specs. These aircraft are intricate and require a hands in approach rather then jumping in a commercial aircraft and hitting Autopilot and walking away. In there present state wishing the simulator you have to hand fly these beasts.

Maybe you can see the ALT a bit better…

Did you fall through the airport?

I think this happens when you spawn in a mountain-you can try this at Lukla rwy24, you will eventually go and fly into space.

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Yeah, right you have to do everything by yourself but I have flown these aircrafts for soo long I (in my opinion) “know” how to fly these

Yes, an d then strait in the ground

When you spawned in did all of the scenery load or were you actually trying to fly into space? If this was in fact a glitch then perhaps the terrain didn’t fully load for you. Can you restart your device and the app and replicate this? Let’s see if this is recurring. Thanks, Chris

I wouldn’t complain you got that high! I can barely get 60,000


No I wanted to fly above Germany, I flew for about an our to Frankfurt and back wanted to land, so no ,didn’t wanted into space. May be the terrain though

It was not my intention to get this high…

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You’ve tried restarting, uninstaling and , if the worse comes to the worse, resetting your device

Yes, of course. After a restart everything looks fine and also works fine don’t know how to reproduce this…

Okay, seems like there might have been an error in the loading of terrain. Be sure to let us know if this happens again and if you can record a video of this it would greatly help find the error if this does in fact keep happening. Thanks for the report.

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No Problem. Thanks for the quick answer. Next time I hopefully will make a video, the video I made was a total fail… Thanks and Happy landings!


Yea, I haven’t had much success recording either but hey we’ll get there. Cheers and be safe out there, Chris

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