Bug with airplane low above water level

Hello guys,

I was being an ATC this evening and noticed a rather strange behaviour of the UI AND/or the game. Basically it was a C17image It was flying very low above sea level and asked for landing clearance. I went into the menu but there was no Cleared for takeoff option. The game treated the plane as if it was standing on the ground but it was not. I zoomed in on the plane and gears were up and the plane was still in the air. Really weird.

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What time was this? I was at KNUC for the last two hours on both towers

I was being an ATC right before posting this topic so for a little over two hours. Did you see it as well?

Oh sorry! I remember posting this topic a bit latera
Actually, judging by the game’s time it was well over 5 hours ago.

I had a busy time there didn’t see anything like this

Hmm… This could be something to do with winds and water mixing. Im not sure. Was it just this one aircraft or all of them?

Just one.


What’s the reading on the bottom tab “Altitude MSL” and “Altitude AGL” I don’t think the terrain and sea level can be very accurate. In real world aircraft not only depends on terrain data also depends on pressure and gps.