Bug tag for the IFC

Hello, I though that a new tag could be added. I think the Bugs or Bug reports tag on the #support category should be added as it would help devs with the organisation when trying to prepare a hotfix or fixing bugs from previous versions.

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I’m sure that there is no need for this since the developers are actively working with alpha and beta testers, who essentially serve as a big group to find bugs and work on them. Ultimately, the public shouldn’t be having to find out these bugs, but if you do, I’m sure the #support category should suffice.

Not to mention, often times, bugs in question could be small and therefore be rectified in a short amount of time. Dedicating resources to create a category, run it, as well as moderate it, could do more harm than good as it takes resources from future updates. We’ve seen it with open beta, and how much effort it can take to run something of the like.


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