[Bug] Systems Window Persists on "CRASH” / App Crash

Description: Take a plane and crash it while leaving the systems window open. You’ll notice that it persists through the crash screen. If you end the flight, the game will crash. This bug is reproducible

Device/iOS: iPad Pro 12.9, 128G. iOS 11.4.1

IF Version: 18.4.6793.39172

Expected: Results Systems tab should disappear after the plane crashes

Actual Results: Systems tab persists. App crashes upon ending the flight.

Video: https://youtu.be/Wc681pNyrwM

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@moderators if you could relay this to the devs I’d gladly appreciate it ;)


Don’t crash

I’ll have it looked into :)

Thanks Nate!


Lol. Thanks a lot Seb 👍🏻😂

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