Bug: Status indicator clipped on pixel 5

I got my pixel 5 a few days ago and just did my first flight on it. It’s really good, but there are a few quirks with the screen. The map doesn’t extend all the way to the left. A more annoying issue is that the green tick on the top right is clipped into three curve of the screen, making it harder to click especially with a phone case on.

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Hiya @xsrvmy, nice to see you have the Pixel too! In regards to the green icon in the corner, you get used to it. It’s not something you regularly have to click on, though it may be fixed sometime soon.

In regards to the left side, that’s down to the way the app interacts with Androids handling of a display cutout. I used to have the issue on my pixel 3xl. It may be something that the developers spend time fixing, but as much as I hate to admit it, Pixels are very niche devices and aren’t the priority currently. It may not be sorted sometime soon and is not something you’ll be able to fix on your end unfortunately.

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