Bug report

Is KJFK under development i face this issue runway vanished on final and gates doest have the aero bridge.



JFK is currently being reworked but this shouldn’t result in the issues you are experiencing above.

Check out the developers timeline for more information:

To resolve the issues above, I recommend clearing your scenery cache and restarting your app.

Let us know if this works!

Thank you for replying

On the reply of the flight i am able to see runway which i landed , the glitch was happened on my live flight have cleared my cache and restart the app if something found will post

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Had the same problem yesterday at KMIA and just now at EDDF, but in approach i could see EDFZ which is a smaller airport just outside of frankfurt

This is likely down to corrupted scenery being saved. As Declan mentioned above, clearing the scenery cache should solve this problem.

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clearing the cache before every flight, but you’re right, it helps mostly to hold performance

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