Bug report

Hello everyone!

I would just want to ask a qiuick question. Where should I write if I found an incorrect runway numbering in the game?

Thanks in advance

Device: Ipad mini 5
Operating system: IOS


Please elaborate more on the issue found. Airport code and runway in question. Thanks!

It’s on LHDC, 05R should be 04R and 23L should be 22L.

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Hey, @Gery!

Thanks for the report. I do see these changes reflected on the airport’s official charts.

While the editing team likes to rectify issues like these ASAP, there is currently a caveat to changing runway numbers; ILSes. Due to the new system we use, changing ILSes is not possible (yet), and correcting the runway numbers would affect the ILS.

Nonetheless, I have forwarded this to the team for guidance from the individuals who can speak to this in a better capacity.

We appreciate the report!


Thank you very much! I appreciate it!


Report received with thanks :)