Bug Report Template and a Few Reminders about the category!


I’m just writing this to inform and remind people of a few basic things about the Bugs Category, how it works and your role when reporting a bug to keep the category clean and organized.

*First of all, please ensure that you can reproduce the bug, as if you can’t it’s most likely just a problem with your individual device, and can would be more appropriate for the support category if it is causing you problems.

*Second of all, please use the search feature, indicated by the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen, to check your bug report doesn’t already exist. If it does, then simply contribute to the thread regarding your issue rather than creating a new one.

If your issue does warrant a bug report, then please include the following things, that I set-out as an example template you can use yourself.

However, please do ensure that the title of the thread clearly states what the issue is. This makes it easier for the Developers to track bug reports.

-Operating System
-Latest Release version of Infinite Flight?
-Jailbroken or pirated software?

-Quick Info Summary of the problem

-Clear, Concise and Detailed Steps on how to re-produce the bug

-Any extra information that may help

For example…

iPad Air
iOS 9.0.1
Latest release version
No Pirated or Jailbroken Software Installed on my device

Infinite Flight crashes consistently when starting a flight in the 737-800

To reproduce this bug I:

1.	Select the 738
2.	Spawn in any Bravo Class Airport, at anytime of day.
3.	The app crashes whenever I try to adjust the flap setting.

Note: Hawaii is the only region this doesn’t seem to happen in.

Here are the people you may need to contact in special circumstances, or if you are unsure about anything.

The Moderators- @Swang007 @MishaCamp @Aernout @carmalonso

Our Two Community Managers: @DIsraelFDS @Tyler_Shelton

The Developers: @matt @philippe

If you have any immediate questions, please just reply to this post, and I will be happy to assisstance you!

Cheers, Thanks for reading, and have a good day :) ;)


I was hoping it to be pinned in the bugs category! @Rotate

You’re correct nonetheless :) ;)

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This is good, I’ll move it back to bugs and pin it :)
One thing, it’s not worth mentioning if you have pirated software. You shouldn’t be entitled to support if you had pirated it.


True, just wanted to cover all bases!

Cheers Cameron :) ;)

So great to see people following the template. Kudos to you and those who followed!


Thanks Trevor! I could say something similar to you on a few of your posts :) ;)

If this is the proper place and person, if like to report a bug that occurs at the same place, action and communique …

Android 6.0
All stock, OEM is not unlocked

Selecting Airbus 320
Selecting St. Martens
Track to and Takeoff on runway 10
Live ATC used for clearance, after takeoff request frequency change, cleared for handoff to Juliana and !?! Frozen … message says app has stopped have made two reports after each one, each one the same actions and choices.

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Hi, is this bug ? http://help.infinite-flight.com/

That’s not a bug with Infinite Flight, no. :) Also, if you are going to report a bug, please make a new topic and add all the necessary information.