Bug Report: 717-200 Stall Warning goes off too early with flaps

<In the Boeing 717, the stall warning goes off way too early with the flaps out. Flaps up, it seems to go off at about 11-12 degrees AOA, which seems appropriate. However, with 40 degrees of flaps, it went off at a similar airspeed at 1G wing loading with only 4 degrees AOA, which is no where near a stall. It is very annoying on approach and in the flare, and not accurate at all.>

iPhone XR:
IOS 17.1.1:

Hey there!

Thanks for the report! Unfortunately, as the Boeing 717 is a legacy aircraft, it’s unlikely that the stall warning issue you described will be fixed, unless the aircraft is reworked at some point in the future. I understand it’s suboptimal, but it’s not really optimal use of development time to mess with the physics of a legacy aircraft, which likely has many other issues.

Don’t worry about that, it’s an old model with poor physics and will be eventually replaced by a similar plane/reworked from the ground up.

I did two flights on it, and landing at 145kts with full flaps didn’t start the alarm.

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