Bug "Rendering Texture" in Medium IFS 18.06

After upgrading to the 18.06 “Rendering Texture” textures placed in “medium” this happens. With all the aircraft, not only in the cockpit but the reflections of the sun and moon are squared. What can it be?

@Gabriel_Cordeiro1, try closing out of IF completely then opening it back up. If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling.

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it happened to me once, restart your game, everything will be fine

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I think it’s normal because of the way they render the scenery etc when the rendering quality is on medium.

It keeps doing that to me since Global was first released in October last year whenever I put the rendering quality on Medium. Change the rendering quality to High and normally you wouldn’t see any of the polygons anymore but you may have to lower the quality of the other graphic settings. You can keep the texture quality on medium.

Maybe it’s something that the developer team will improve on later.

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We’re aware of this cracked effect on the cockpits on certain devices, but you also mention the atmosphere/sun? Are you able to get us a screenshot of that?

Also, what device are you using?


On the sun also being in trouble, happened once only … I am using a Galaxy S7 Edge

This also happend to me.
What I did seted the graphic to high and then they disapeard.

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