Bug perhaps

Reinstall infinite flight then try

I believe it’s runway 34R that has been reported a number of times to have these errors. It’s a pretty well known issue that we’re unable to fix at this time. Runways with ILS were programmed using an external software that since is no longer used when editing was transitioned to the internal system.

Hopefully we’ll be able to have something that’ll fix this soon, sorry for any inconveniences caused!


As @Ecoops123 mentioned 34R was apparently reported.

Out of curiosity I was trying the approaches. The ILS error appears to affect approaches from both the north and south on both parallel runways at OTHH. So 16L and R, and 34L and R.

Curiously in the vicinity there are 5 more or less parallel runways: 2 at OTHH, 1 at OTBD (though 15/33), and 2 at OTBH (again 16/34 both an L and an R).

From what I could tell the other runway approaches seemed ok.

Best diversion for the 16L approach at OTHH is the 15 approach at OTBD. Those airports are close together!

Good catch.

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