Bug perhaps

Good evening,

I was on a flight from London Heathrow to Doha flying the A350

On the 3 mile final using the ILS, I encountered a problem where the ILS wasn’t working

I had set the runway I used to NAV 1 and set my source from GPS to NAV and it wasn’t showing the correct heading.

Why is this ?

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Did you use the appr button in the autopilot tab?

I didn’t use the auto land

Could you send a screenshot? It’s hard to tell what’s exactly happening.

As you can see it’s not correctly aligning the runway despite all the settings being correct and I don’t why …


I don’t think you understand sir

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The highlighted purple should be on the other side for me to land correctly and it’s not doing that so as a result it’s incorrect … do you understand what I am trying to say ?

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What course did it tell you the runway had in the NAV panel vs. the airport information tab?

Was it 156°?

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Check if the ILS runway you set is correct to the runway your landing

No it was set at a different heading … despite the NAV being set to that runway … very confusing

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Was it like in this case?

If yes, this is a bug that has been known and can be partially fixed by you correcting your course to the runway heading given in the airport information tab.

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Of course it was

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Hmm probably just go around for now

Does the hud view also represent that sometimes the cockpit glitches so check hud

Yes this is what happened to me …

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Wondering if it’s just with that runway at Doha or both runways

This is something only an Airport Editor can look into as far as I know. Maybe one of them can help you out!

No not the same with me both the runways work fine…

Restart your device