Bug or poor internet?

I was flying from KSHD to KRIC. It was a normal flight until I landed. It was an overall good landing but when I started to taxi off the runway the alt. Call outs continued. I looked at my AGL hight and it kept fluctuating from 10-70ft. I put some screen shots of the landing below if that helps.

Is this a bug with the game or could it be due because of poor internet at the time?

Uploading: FE994002-1963-4C0B-BFFB-A49F58813BFC.png… Uploading: F2A920E1-FB9A-4F60-B759-D41514AE8CC3.png… Uploading: 6A5B3E81-727E-4211-8E84-E45B5689643F.png… Uploading: 3E82826F-4589-47D6-A6AF-B3BE4DAD8453.png… Uploading: FFC77F1B-A097-4448-87E5-A93A823B3D69.png…

Reupload those photos. Let them load before posting. Would you also happen to be able to share your replay here?

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That’s really strange. I’ve never experienced that. My guess is that it’s a glitch

It would let me put my replay in because it wasn’t in a picture format :/

Probably bad internet, i’ve had that happen once on landing when my internet went out, it just kept saying 50 over and over and then 10 over and over or whatever is says…

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