Bug on the 777-300er for me

There is a bug on the 777-300er.When i go to select it off wifi it says failed purchase (unless it if i flew the 777-300 and the livery that i picked to fly last time i flew it,and it still has it saved as ready to fly) ,but when i am on wifi it works fine

what device are you on?

Please do remember to post Bugs in #support

Sorry i had it at support then moved it to general to get ation

Do you have live? When you go offline, sign out of live. This will fix it, if you have purchased it separately from live. If you have unlocked aircraft via live+ you need wifi to play them.

I dont have live

Oh, okay. Have you signed into it anyway? I had the same problem, even though I didn’t have live. When I signed out it worked.

Signed out of what?

Whe you tap on live or fly online, do you see this:

Or the pricing of live? You need to see the first one. Even if you haven’t purchased live, you can still be signed in. Sign out if you see the pricing and they will be available offline.

I figured out the issue a while ago. Though I did not have a Live subscription at the time (I just bought my first one a couple days ago), I was still logged in to the Live page, and because I didn’t sign out of my Live status, it indicated that all aircraft were to be paid for. When I signed out of Live, all aircraft were available to me without an internet connection. The issue here is that I bought almost everything in the game without a Live subscription so I didn’t earn anything from Live, but it happens to be a bug or something that doesn’t let me use my paid products if I was signed in to Live before I lost an internet connection. Anyways, now I’m happy and I always remember to sign out of Live before leaving an internet connection, but unless it will take up more device memory, please fix this issue anyways as there are probably people not aware of it who sign into Live despite not having an active subscription, and are unable to use products they paid for if they don’t have an internet connection.

I’ve forgotten what thread said the above, but that’s what fixed it for me.

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Did it work? 🙂

Thanks @Giacomo_Lawrance i will try that

Okay,Mir worked for me and it should work for you. 🙂👍

Try login to facebook before switch to offline mode :)

I will try later tommorow

I dont have a facebook acount

or you can open IF first before flight, then switch to offline mode. I hope its working.

That wont work. @Giacomo_Lawrance way will work

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Okay, glad it worked for you. If you ever get live, make sure to log out of it before you go on holiday or somewhere without wifi, so that you can access the aircraft you Blighty. 😀😉

Well i will be getting live+ soon.Also on the holidayes i will still have wifi

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