Bug on Bluestacks when I click on the screen to start the game

I just downloaded bluestacks en infinite flight
When I want to start a flight the system ask me “tap on the screen to calibrate and start”. When I do that, the game close automaticaly
I also noticed that I can’t select anything in the settings panel. For example when I want to change the language the system take the first, I can not select another.
I suspect the click doesn’t work
Can somebody explain me what I have to do to fix this problem?
Thanks a lot

You’d have to use the 20.3 version of IF via the 32bit Android in Bluestacks.

21.X and later don’t work too well, such as unable to change settings. 21.X and later also don’t transmit and/or receive ATC messages (I found out the hard way)

And also, Bluestacks and other Android emulators are not supported so these would be unlikely to be fixed

I use the instance nougat 64 bits because my windows is in 64 bits. I already tried the 32 bits versions but I can not download IF on this version

I was able to get 20.3 on the 32bit version. It should’ve prompted you to get the last compatible version of IF.

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