Bug on airspeed

Hello community, it’s me again, I was just now playing IF with X-CUB and I noticed a bug that the speed is not matching the speed of the X-CUB PFD (as you can see in the photo). I hope this gets fixed



Is this happening only at this speed?
Could you try to switch the indication. For example: to switch from airspeed to AGL. Just to see if it refreshes

I’ll do this, I’ll return anything here in the community

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This is intentional. The screen in this cockpit is a handheld GPS which is not hooked to the aircraft’s pitot-static system. It shows groundspeed :)

The analog airspeed indicator up above shows airspeed.

EDIT: This is only for the analog-gauge cockpits, in N500XC and N50AV. The other cockpits have Garmin G1000 instruments, which show airspeed.


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