(Bug) No STARs/SIDs at FMCZ (AIRAC 2203)

Hello Infinite Flight. What AIRAC did you use?
HAY1D and all other STARs and SIDs is not present in FMCZ approaches.
I am using AIRAC 2203 in SimBrief.

Here is the dispatch from SimBrief to validate my claims:


Device: Oppo Reno 5 (CPH2159)
Operating system: Android 13.1
AIRAC: 2203

I looked up the airport in Airmate and there are no SIDs and STARs there either. 🤔
Airmate is currently using Airac 2313.

Check either Navblue, Foreflight, Garmin, or Navigraph with the same AIRAC.

Every time there is an app update, it includes up to date navigation data for the US.
For other parts of the world the data is updated less frequent.

Basically what @Jan said. US navdata is updated more frequently, but slower in other parts of the world.
Btw, the way you import the route is not correct - you’re pasting airway indicators (like UR984, UA613) directly into IF, which won’t be recognized, resulting much fewer points being added. I recommend using this tool if you’re using Simbrief for flight plans.

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But can you explain why does LYBE haven’t the newest Procedure for the new runway ?

LYBE is in a part of the world for which the data is updated less frequent.

Ah yes ok, is there any future updates for this airport ?
What about Dublin ?

At this moment it’s unclear when the next update will be.

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